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1/4" plate for the floor , 1" box tube for framework , start the build

box tubing for the supports , 1/4 inch plate for the floor


passenger side floor and frame that supports it


frame designed , welding it in

floor supports going in ,  not getting a lot done outside ,  the rain is everyday all day,  just run out and do what i can between showers

side wall removed from mid ship was relocated and welded back in the front.

another jacked up picture , rotated it 4 times on my pc , it always posts like this

old stairwell has been closed in

large area where the steps were  has been redesigned as a huge compartment for storage

20180405 195700

floor tack welded in  more welding later

20180405 195730

floor and wall replaced

floor is patched wall is put back in and window is installed