We offer multiple rates for high speed internet service. you can purchase the equipment for service and the install is :  $270

This buys the radio, cable and labor for installation.( this does not buy a wireless router for inside the house) 

 Routers are available from us if u want us to provide- they cost $70


$30 Plan 1:  512K upload / 3Mbits down  (video streaming for 1 computer)

   $40 Plan 2:  512K upload / 4Mbits down (house streaming and surfing)

   $50 Plan 3:  1M upload / 6Mbits down (house streaming and surfing)

$60 Plan 4: 2M upload and 8M down (business office plan)

we can customize this plan where the up and down are equal to 10M total,  for instance

 if you run a photography shop and really need more upload , we can run you at 5M up and 5M down for $60 per month.

how ever it fits your needs best, and this is adjustable as you decide what fits

add 1M either direction for $10/month more* limit 15M total

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