Brian R. Sampson

                                                                      Buck  14pt.               


                                    Taken on 11/28/2000 on our farm in Washington County Ohio

   .357 Remington Maximum Contender  W/14 barrel and sling W/ 2X Leopold Scope.    XTP 180g JHP  21g H110 handload .

  The Hornady bullet performed perfectly.   The bullet broke a rib on the way in and broke two on the way out, then broke the front leg bone, where it lodged under the skin.

 The bullet was fully in tact, retaining almost 100% of  it's weight.A second round was put, through the chest and was not found. Tracking this deer was not a problem, he went down on the first round then regained his footing , but piled up only 10 feet away after the second round impact.

 The next day, two of us stepped of the distance somewhere very close to 140 yards.

 Only one shot was necessary to get the job done, but, who is willing to take that chance when a perfect broadside shot is offered again?

 I always return to my favorite rock overlooking that wonderful hollow every deer season and continue to keep my freezer well supplied, Maby someday a buck will come through that makes this one look small, I only hope my fingers aren't too cold to pull back the hammer of my old T.C. 


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