Megabea Communications Inc.         

Customized Computer Sales & Service / 740-984-4868 Internet Service Provider

 If you are interested in

 High Speed Wireless Internet you can get access to us in two ways. Call us at the number

above or if you currently have internet go to and click on

Wireless Internet Service Information

and read the pages that follow. If you know of a friend, please share this with them.

Privately owned and operated by Brian & Becky Sampson

Package at a glance: per month   $20 / $30 / $40

Antenna purchase $270 (tax included) and I will supply up to 50ft of cable from house to antenna. Includes standard  hardware package for mounting the antenna to a pipe or structure.

NO length service contract required

 standard acceptable use policy contract is required and is automatically accepted by paying your fee

Brian & Becky,  @  Megabea Communications Inc.